Balancing Benefits and harms

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A blog explaining what is meant by ‘benefits’ and ‘harms’ in the context of healthcare interventions, and the importance of balancing them.

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This blog explains how, in order to come to the correct decision, clinicians need to be able to balance the benefits and harms of each intervention relevant to the patient in front of them. What is meant by ‘benefits’ and ‘harms’ is explained by the blog author, who then goes on to stress that what may be considered a ‘benefit’ or ‘harm’ from one patient to the next may differ greatly. Read the blog

Students 4 Best Evidence (S4BE) is a growing network of students from around the world, from school age to university, who are interested in learning more about evidence-based healthcare (EBH).  The network is supported by the UK Cochrane Centre.  In addition to the website, the S4BE has a Facebook group and Twitter feed. For more information, read Selena Ryan-Vigs blog which introduces Students 4 Best Evidence.