The Systematic Review

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This blog explains what a systematic review is, the steps involved in carrying one out, and how the review should be structured.

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This is a blog explaining what a systematic review is, outlining that a systematic review is considered to be the highest level of research evidence, which brings together all of the available evidence to find an answer to a research question. It outlines the steps involved in carrying out a systematic review (according to the guidance in the Cochrane handbook) and describes how a systematic review should be structured. Finally, it describes how healthcare providers can use a systematic review in conjunction with their expertise when helping an individual patient make decisions. read the blog

Students 4 Best Evidence (S4BE) is a growing network of students from around the world, from school age to university, who are interested in learning more about evidence-based healthcare (EBH).  The network is supported by the UK Cochrane Centre.  In addition to the website, the S4BE has a Facebook group and Twitter feed. For more information, read Selena Ryan-Vigs blog which introduces Students 4 Best Evidence.